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on November 9, 2013


Wake up, wake up and start to shine.

Start your engines, it’s breakfast time.

Cereal Bowl, Cereal Bowl, crunch, crackle, pop.

Cereal Bowl, Cereal Bowl, I’m hungry, keep it coming, don’t stop.

Butter Pat, Butter Pat, where’s the English Muffin?

Butter Pat, Butter Pat, without the muffin, I’m nuthin.

Piece of Fruit, Piece of Fruit, so pretty in your bowl.

Piece of Fruit, Piece of Fruit, who likes fruit?  Let’s take a poll.

Piece of Toast, Piece of Toast; you’re brown and how you boast.

Scrambled Eggs, Scrambled Eggs, you’re lookin kinda funny.

Scrambled Eggs, Scrambled Eggs, no fun when you’re runny.

Piece of Bacon, Piece of Bacon, who has taken all of the Bacon? Where did it go?

Coco Cup, Coco Cup, half empty or half full?

Coco Cup, Coco Cup, without any I feel so dull.

Silverware, Silverware, how shiny that you are.

Silverware, Silverware, you shine just like a star.

Glass of Milk, Glass of Milk, it does a body good.

Glass of Milk, Glass of Milk, drink it you know you should.

Glass of Juice, Glass of Juice, STOP IT YOU’RE SCARING THE FRUIT!

Now take a moment, take a listen.

It’s breakfast meal you shouldn’t be missin.

Otherwise, everyone gets lonely.

No one wants that, so step up to bat and start the day out right.


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