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on December 13, 2012

It was nearing Christmas and all the elves were busy getting the toys made and sweets baked. Santa was keeping everything and everyone in working order; he had all the children’s lists and was checking them twice. Fosse and Java were at home drinking hot cocoas and decorating the tree; Fosse is the older and fawn colored pug and Java is the black and feisty pug; they are brothers.

“Java,” Fosse exclaimed. “Quit eating the decorations.” Java was always getting into some sort of mischief. “I’m trying to finish the tree and you’re making me have to start over again,” Fosse continued.

When Fosse looked closer at Java, he noticed cookie crumbs on his chin and upper lip. Fosse just shook his head in disappointment because now he’d have to make more cookies for Santa.

While people and pugs everywhere were excitedly getting ready for Christmas, Loki, one of Santa’s more mischievous elves, had a grand idea. He’ll get Santa to use his new electronic sled and make a fortune, putting the reindeer on the unemployment line. While the reindeer were out back, playing in the snow and have snacks, Loki decided to work his kind of magic.

“Hey Rudolph,” he said to the reindeer. “Did you hear that Santa got a new ride for Christmas?”

“What are you talking about?” Rudolph asked.

“Have you noticed he’s been kind of quiet this year,” Loki hinted. Rudolph thought about it. “I mean, he hasn’t really come out to play with any of you like he has previous years,” Loki continued.

“Um, yay, you’re right,” Rudolph said out loud.

“Right about what?” Prancer asked as he and Dasher walked by.

“That Santa hasn’t been paying much attention to us this year,” Dasher said a little mad.

“You know, now that I think about it,” Vixon said as he walked over. “He has been real secretive about his outings.”

One by one, the reindeers gathered about Loki and he continued to feed rumors into their ears. “Yea, I heard him talking about a new sled that’s electronic and doesn’t need reindeer for it to fly,” Loki said with a smirk on his face.

“Are you serious?” Comet said in astonishment.

“Yep,” Loki said. “He said something about needing to go faster because of more houses to visit and the reindeer were just to slow.”

“What?!” Donner belted. “That fatty said we were to slow?!”

The reindeer walked away and got into a close huddle for a few moments. Then Rudolph popped his head up and his nose was a bright red no one had ever seen and said,

“This year, we strike until the fat man appreciates us for all the hard work we do for him,” he claimed. There was much agreeing from all the other reindeer.

“Should we tell the fat man what our demands are?” Cupid asked, “What are our demands?”

“No,” Loki said quickly. “I think it will hit him harder if you don’t say anything. And make signs that say you’re striking, but not why.”

All the reindeer went to their shed and started making signs.; ruckus could be hear coming from there.


It was Christmas Eve and everyone was getting ready. Elves were loading up the sleigh and Santa was putting on his best suit. He got cleaned up and little elf Roman came and got Santa for the big ride. He went out to the sleigh and saw all the elves there to send him off, but noticed none of the reindeer were saddled up and ready for take off.

“Where are the reindeer?” Santa asked. None of the elves would look him in the eye and no one wanted to answer. Santa started to get nervous. “This isn’t like them,” he said. “Where are the reindeer?!” Again no one would answer, but the wee little elf standing to the side pointed to the distance where the reindeer were. Santa got quiet out-of-sorts and marched right over to the fire pit. “What are all of you doing standing around here?” Santa asked trying to stay calm.

“Boys, signs up,” Dasher said. All the signs said on strike, or striking, or unfair treatment.

“What?!” Santa yelled. “Why are you doing this? What is the meaning of this?”

A moment of silence went by that felt like an eternity. No one said a word, they all just stared and glared at Santa. “So you’re not going to work?” Santa asked desperately. “What am I supposed to do? How is Christmas going to happen?” Dasher turned his sign around and on the back it said, NOT OUR PROBLEM.

Not aware of what was happening at the North Pole, Java laid on the floor moaning of an achy tummy. Fosse just chuckled and didn’t say I told you so to him. He put the finishing touch on the tree, stepped back to get a full view, “that’s pugtastic,” he said with pride. Java just moaned again. Fosse went to the kitchen to get Java some Fizzy Feel Fine medicine to calm his tummy; he loved his brother and hated seeing him in pain.

“Java, why don’t you go take a nap while I bake more cookies,” Fosse said. “FOR SANTA.”

Java went to bed and Fosse started another big batch of cookies; Peanut Butter Puggins, Snickerpoodles, Chocolate Java Chip, Butterscotch Butchies and a warm mug of soy milk.

Santa went back inside the house and slumped in his chair. A frozen tear rolled down his cheek. As if on cue, Loki walked over to Santa with a steaming mug of cocoa. Santa looked at it,

“That’s very nice Loki, but I’m not in the mood,” Santa sighed.

“Not in the mood?” Loki said with fake surprise in his voice.

“What’s wrong?” “The reindeer are on strike, I have no idea why and now Christmas will have to be canceled,” Santa said very sad.

“Oh no,” Loki said and faked a nice hug. “You know, this is weird timing but I may be able to help you with your Christmas dilemma.

“Really?” Santa said intrigued. “What?”

Loki got close to his ear, “In my spare time, I’ve been studying the mechanics and such of sleds and built a new and improved electronic sled. It’s 10 times faster than reindeer and has a zillion Christmas music stations to listen to.”

“Faster?” Santa asked. “Yep, so you can get all the deliveries done in half the time,” Loki said with pride.

It only took Santa a nanosecond to agree. As all the elves emptied the other sled, Loki drove over in the Lokified sled. It was loaded quickly and Loki gave Santa the rundown of how to work and maneuver it. Santa was set and Loki climbed down off of it.

“Loki, you should come with me since you helped save Christmas,” Santa said.

“Nah, you look better in it by your big self,” Loki said. “Maybe we could talk cash incentive when you get back.”

All the sudden there was a rush of snowballs being thrown at Santa and the sleigh. The reindeers were mighty mad and throwing many snowballs aiming for Santa’s head. As he started the engine and flew off, he could hear one of the reindeer holler, YOU HAVE SNOW FOR BRAINS. Santa waved to all the elves and they waved back except for Loki, who held two thumbs up. The ride was smooth for a little while and just as Santa started to distribute gift, he heard a weird sound from under his feet. “SPUTTER, BUTTER, CLANK, CLANK, COOOOOOCOOOOOOCACHOOOOO” Santa was worried and that turned to fear when the whole sleigh shook and spun in circles. All of the sudden it stopped in mid air and dropped like a lead weight. He hit the safety for falling button and all it did was turn the radio on. He put all the seatbelts on, grabbed his hat and held on for dear life. Just when he thought he was going to hit the ground, the safety feature kicked in and he landed softly, but loudly.


The two pugs that made promises to each other about going to bed early, were still up late in front of the fire. “Oh my pugness!” Fosse yelled.

“What was that?” Java ran to the window and his eyes popped out of his head, “It’s Santa!” They both ran to the backyard where he had landed, without their coats on.

“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh,” they both said over each other faster than reindeer flew.

Santa touched himself everywhere to make sure he still had all his limbs.

“Java!” Fosse said. “Stop chewing on Santa’s sleigh. It’s not made of cookies. My brother likes to eat everything.”

“Santa,” Java started. “Where are your reindeer?”

“They all went on strike,” he said.

“Oh no,” Java continued. “Why?”

“I have no idea and I’m so worried that Christmas will have to be canceled this year,” Santa said sadly. “I have no way of getting all these presents to all the children.”

Fosse and Java looked at each other, huge smiles crossed their faces, and they said at the same time, “we can help.”

“How?” Santa asked.

“Well I’ve been reading complete idiots guide to flying,” Fosse said.

“I’ve been reading flying a sled for dummies,” Java added.

“And we’ve been studying the way reindeer move and the weather patterns at night,” they both added.

“But you’re only two pugs,” Santa started. “And not quite strong enough to pull this hunk of junk.”

“We know the secret,” Fosse said.

“All we need is the special Christmas ok power from you and we are good to go,” Java said.

“We love you and Christmas so much that we have enough spirit to power the world,” they both said in unison.

They both sat like good boys while Santa waved his wand and knighted them,

“Jingle bells, cookie smells, Christmas comes hour by hour. With cheer and good will and stockings to fill, may Fosse and Java have reindeer power.” Java started giggling and rolling around on the ground, “That tickles”.

Fosse started running around the yard like he was being chased. In seconds there were decked out in holiday wear and harnessed up and feeling very powerful. Santa grabbed the reins, “On Dasher, ah I mean, on Fosse and Java and……..I’m not sure where else to go with this,” Santa said and they all laughed.


Through the entire night, they kept speed as if they were nine reindeer and were having the time of their lives. All three of them sang Christmas carols as they stopped and delivered gifts to everyone around the world. After all the Fosse and Java were tired and hungry. Santa invited the pugs to the North Pole for the annual Christmas feast. They were so excited the started to bark and howl. This was only ever enjoyed by the elves and reindeer. So off they went to the Pole. When they parked the sleigh, the reindeer could be seen around their fire with their signs which they held high when they say Santa. They entered the house and it was filled with a roaring fire, cookies, cocoas, ham, and other goodies to eat.

The elves were everywhere and Santa asked, “Where’s Loki?”

No elf knew. Fosse and Java were curious why the reindeer were on strike so they bravely wandered out to them.

“Hey, what’s up with striking?” Fosse asked.

“Well, we were told that Santa was using a new electronic sleigh and,” Dasher started, “wait a minuet, who are you two?”

“I’m Java and this is my brother Fosse,” Java said. “They’re pugs,” Blitsen said. “I have a calendar of pugs for next year.”

“What are you doing here?” Cupid asked.

“Well, Santa crashed in our yard when the new sleigh stopped working and he gave us the power to help save Christmas,” Fosse said.

“Oh great, now someone else is trying to take our job,” Donner said.

“No, no, no,” Java started, “we just had to help Santa in his time of need. We love what you do.”

“That sleigh is a piece of junk,” Fosse said.

The reindeer gathered round and Santa made his way out to the gathering. Santa and the reindeer had a long talk and came to an understanding. Java and Rudolph just stared at eat others noses.

“Your nose is red, it doesn’t look like anyone else’s,” Java said.

“You nose is all pushed in,” Rudolph said. They got real close to each other and stared more. “I like your nose Java,” Rudolph said and smiled big.

“I like your nose too,” Java said and hugged Rudolph.

Meanwhile, Loki sat in the corner of his closet and thought of ways he would spend his money and branch out his creation. “Hey Loki,” Santa called out. “I’d like to talk compensation for your sleigh.”

Loki rubbed his grubby little hands together and quickly ran to the living room. There sat Santa, all the reindeer, and many unhappy elves. “Ut oh,” Loki said under his breath. “How was your trip?”

“So I hear you’ve been telling new Christmas stories around here,” Santa said with one eye brow raised.

“Ah, well, you see,” Loki stammered as he tried to leave the room.

“You made quiet a mess of this holiday, but all turned out ok,” Santa said. “So no hard feelings about the piece of junk in the yard.”

“Whew!” Loki said and wiped his forehead, “way to go Santa! Three cheers for Santa.” “I think the three cheers should go to Fosse and Java,” Santa said.

“Hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray,” everyone said loudly.

As Loki tired to sneak outside, “Well now Loki,” Santa started. “I think your compensation is you will clean up reindeer poop…..for every Christmas to come.” Laughter filled the air. “Before we enjoy our Christmas feast,” Santa started. “I make Fosse and Java honorary reindeer for Christmas eternity.”

He tapped both pugs on each shoulder and the fun and eating began. Of course Java was first into the cookies and eggnog. “Hey let’s sing a new song this year,” Rudolph announced, “join me, “we wish you a puggy Christmas. We wish you a puggy Christmas.” Everyone caught on and they sang the rest of the night.




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