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Magic Cookie Ride

on December 26, 2011

The house smelled of cookies as Steven played in his room.  “Ooooo, chocolate chip cookies, my favorite,” he said as he took in a deep breath and headed to the kitchen. As he went through the house, the smell got stronger and almost knocked him off his feet.

“Oh mom,  yummy,” Steven said as he licked his lips.

“Go on and get yourself some milk,” Mom said.

She put a plate of hot chocolate chip cookies on the table and an empty plate for him.  He sat and studied that pile of cookies.  Which one do I choose he thought.  He looked from every angle, rotated the plate around a few times before choosing. His mom just giggled at watching her son.  After much thought he spotted the one.  He carefully removed it from the pile, since it was under some other smaller ones and gently put it on his plate.   His eyes got as big as the plate and he grabbed it with both hands so it wouldn’t break.

“Mom, you make the bestest cookies,” Steven said with a huge smile.

“Well, thank you Steven,” she replied. “These are special cookies, just for you.”


As he took a bite, he could taste every dark and milk chocolate chip in the cookie.  He closed his eyes and more chocolate taste exploded in his mouth.  He kept eating and all of the sudden it was very quiet.  He opened his eyes and he was in an empty house.

“Oh my gosh, where am I?” Steven asked himself and tried to figure out what was going on.

He was wearing a detective coat over his clothes, a magnifying glass and flashlight in his hands.  The house was dark so he turned his flashlight on and started to walk around.  He heard rustling around in the back room.  He carefully approached it being as quiet as possible.  As he got closer to the closed door, the sound got louder.  It sounded like a baby crying.

“Oh no,” Steven said under his breath, “a baby is scared or in trouble.”

With as much courage as he had, he slowly opened the door. The old door squeaked a little and the crying stopped.  He looked around the room with his flashlight, hoping nothing would jump out at him. He walked around peeking at everything he could trying to find where the baby was.  He stood still for a few moments and the crying started again. It was coming from the corner.  Steven looked and there wasn’t a crib or anything, just a box with a blanket over it on the floor.  The sound came from there.  He looked under the blanket and there was a litter of tiny kittens crying. The mother wasn’t with them.

“Oh baby kitty, are you scared or hungry?” Steven asked as he gently pet the very soft and furry kittens. “Where’s your mother I wonder. I must find her for you.”

Steven started searching through the house in every room and every corner.  He walked very quietly so he wouldn’t scare the cat or anything else in the house. He listened very hard for the sound of a cat. The house was very old and falling apart; as he walked toward the kitchen, the floor under him was weak and it broken sending Steven falling into the basement.  “Ouch,” Steven blurted out.  His magnifying glass and flashlight flew out of his hand as he hit the floor.  He landed on a pile of old clothes and newspaper so he had some cushioning to soften the fall.  A loud meow came from somewhere in the basement and Steven had to find the cat it was coming from.

“Here kitty, kitty, kitty,” Steven called out.  The mewing turned into what sounded like crying.  “Oh no,” Steven gasped. “She must be hurt.”

He crawled around the dirt and stuff on the floor.  He came to the wall and heard the sound from behind it.  He pointed his flashlight on the wall and noticed a small opening he thought he’d crawl through. It wasn’t quite big enough to him to fit through without tearing his clothes, but he didn’t care; he had a mission to complete.  He only fit half-way through the hole but enough to stretch really long and reach the cat.  She hesitated but Steven started to mew and purr to coax her.  He grabbed the cat and on his way out of the hole, scratched his face on the wood. It started to bleed but he had to get mama kitty back to her babies. He shined his flashlight around the basement to see where the stairs were to upstairs.  He saw it, but it had boxes all over it. He carefully kicked the boxes out of the way, while holding on to the cat gently and securely. He made it upstairs and back to the kitten.  There was a lot of mewing and purring. All was well.  CRASH!  He heard it come from the very top floor.  Steven was on the job and had to continue.

“Oh, I’m sorry if I scared you honey,” Abigail said as she picked up dishes off the floor.

Steven abruptly opened his eyes to find he was back at home in the kitchen with an empty plate in front of him.

“Mom, you wouldn’t believe what I just did!” Steven said excitedly with eyes wide open.  “What honey?” Abigail asked.

“I was a detective and saved a mom cat from being away from her babies,” Steven said.

“Ok,” his mom said unconvincingly and walked into the other room.

“No, I’m serious,” Steven said. “Magic cookie,” he said to himself.

Several days went by and no cookies.  Steven kept asking but his mom said she was to busy and to many cookies were bad for him.  “If I make them only once in a while, it makes them more special and you look forward to them that much more,” Abigail explained.  This made Steven even more excited for his magic cookie and his next adventure.  He went out to play and she decided to make cookies.  She made peanut butter, snickerdoodle, oatmeal raisin, and chocolate chip; this time she put walnuts in the chocolate chip cookies.  Steven came running into the house at full speed.  “You did it!” he rejoiced.  He sat anxiously at the table, trying to catch his breath.  Abigail put a large plate of cookies on the table. He ate a oatmeal raisin and nothing happened.  He tried a snickerdoodle  and nothing happened. Steven studied them figuring out which were chocolate chip.  He picked one out and noticed the walnuts in them.  He pulled every chocolate chip cookie out and noticed they all had walnuts in them.  He turned his nose up at them and looked sadly at his mom.

“Mom, where are all the chocolate chip ones?” Steven asked.

“In front of you,” she said.

“No, these have nuts in them,” he said. “They can’t have nuts in them.”

Abigail gave him a very confused look.  “But why can’t they?” she asked.

“They, they just can’t,” Steven stated.  “It won’t be the same.”  ‘

“Honey, at least give those a try,” she pleaded. “If you don’t like them, I will make you just chocolate chip ones.”

“Um, ok,” he said heavily.

He was worried that no other cookie would ever do it and if he couldn’t have chocolate chip, no more magic cookie.  He closed his eyes and took a small bite of the walnut chocolate chip.  A rustic taste exploded in his mouth.  He was pleasantly surprised and took bigger bites. It got really warm and he opened his eyes to find himself holding a rope and trying to lasso a horse. “Ye ha!” someone yelled.  The day was bright and the ranch was busy. With cowboys and cowgirls herding cattle and gathering the ponies.

“Come on Steve,” a fellow cowboy said as he rode up on his horse. “Get yer horse, saddle up and let’s get them cows that got loose,” he continued as he rode off.

“Oh, oh yea, that’s me,” Steven said to himself.  He looked at how many horses there were and thought oh no, which one is mine.  “Come on now lady,” he yelled hoping his horse would come over. A big black horse came galloping over and stopped right in front of him.  She bowed her head and he hopped on. “Giddy-up girl,” he hollered and went the same was as the other cowboy.

“Tell Curtis we’ll be on our way to help,” yelled another cowboy on the ranch.

“Alright,” Steven yelled.

Steven quickly got to the area of trouble where the cows were wandering randomly away from the herd. Curtis was dashing back and forth on horse rounding up the loose cattle on one end.  Some of the herding dogs followed Steven and started to help. They barked at the cows trying to wander off.

“Curtis, what can I do?” Steven hollered.

“One cow and her calf wandered off that way,” Curtis said and pointed what way.  “Get them before they get to the river. It’ll wash them away.”

Steven nodded and went after the cows.   As he got closer to where the cows were he heard the rushing of the river.  He saw them in the distance and it looked like they were trying to cross the river.  The calf’s hoof touched the water and the speed of it grabbed it and took it under. The mother cow started mooing loudly, as a cry for help.  Steven jumped off his horse and into the water without thinking about the danger that could happen.  The waves and undertow were taking them both quickly downstream.  To where, Steven didn’t know.  He swam with the current and grabbed a hold of the calf, who kept getting pulled under water.  He tried desperately to keep both of their heads above water; but he kept the calf’s head up more than his. He has this incredible ability to hold his breath for a long time.  He looked all around for a branch or log to grab onto . The calf kept whining and Steven tried to keep it as calm as he could; along with himself.   He saw a branch to grab onto so he grabbed with all his strength and held on for dear life.  As soon as he grabbed it felt like his shoulder popped or broke, but he didn’t let go.  He never let go of the branch or the calf and soon he could hear people and horses coming to their rescue.

“Hang on Steve, we’re here to help,” a cowboy yelled.

“Reach out as far as you can,” yelled someone.

“Don’t take me, take the calf first,” Steven yelled. “I can hold on better.”

Each person grabbed each others wrist and locked hands and made a human rope.  The person closest to Steven scooped up the calf and each person pulled the other one in and onto land.  They quickly did the same thing to grab Steven.

“Grab my waist if you can,” Steven hollered over the loud river,”I think my shoulder is broken.”   They carefully grabbed Steven, pulled him to land and got him on horseback to the ranch hospital.  The nurse looked Steven over,

“Yep, your shoulder is definitely out of place.”

“What’s next?” Steven asked.

“We’re gonna set it back in place and then you have to rest for several week,” the nurse said, “no work.”

“But the…” Steven started.

“No work,” the nurse interrupted.

She gave him a shot of something that put him to sleep immediately.   A while later, he opened his eyes to find him back at home and lying on the floor.

“Steven, what are you doing on the floor?” Abigail asked as she giggled.

“I was at the hospital because my shoulder was hurt,” Steven started excitedly. “And I saved a baby horse and was a cowboy on a ranch.”

“Wow, that is some story,” Abigail said.

“NO mom, it really happened,” he exclaimed. “It’s all because of the magic cookie.”  He ran to his room and closed the door.

It was summertime so Steven had no school.  He went to his grandmother’s for a visit for several weeks.  Steven sat in the living room and watched TV.

“Steven,” Lois called from the kitchen. “I’m going to make some cookies.  What kind do you like?”

He thought, could anyone else make the magic cookie other than his mom? He was skeptic but thought he’s give it a try.  “Um, chocolate chip,” he said.

“Would you like to help?” she asked.  He went into the kitchen and she had all the ingredients on the counter with all the necessary cups and bowls.

“Oh, I don’t know,” he said. “I’ve never done that before.”

“I will help teach you,” she encouraged.

“Ok,” he said and pulled up a chair to stand on.

As Lois measured the ingredients, she handed them to Steven and instructed him on what to do in what order. She also pointed to the cookbook that was propped up and explained what the directions meant.

“Two cups flour,” Lois said as she handed it to him.  He poured it in the bowl.  “One cup sugar,” she continued and more of the same went on.  “Now mix all those ingredients up,” she said and he did so.

“I am having so much fun grandma,” Steven said.

“Good,” a male voice said. Steven looked up to see a set in front of him, a crew of people around and all the lights and cameras you could imagine.  “Good shot people,” Gomer, Steven‘s assistant, said,”what scene is next Steve?”

All of the sudden he was sitting in a directors chair behind a camera.  He looked down at his clip board, “let’s go to the restaurant scene,” Steven said.

“Ok change the set and restaurant scene is next,” Gomer hollered.

Filming started and Steven figured out he was directing a comedy.  Fake laughter was feed into the scene for timing.  “Cut!” Steven said at one point in the scene. “You’re timing is off,” he continued as he talked to one of the actors. “Your entrance has to be on his second line, get it, or the joke doesn’t work.”  The actor paused and thought about it.

“That makes so much sense,” actor commented. “Now I see how important it is.”

“Alright, places again everyone,” Steven hollered.  “Let’s get it this time.  I have confidence.”

The scene started and this went on for the rest of the day.  “Ok people, that’s a wrap,” he said.  Everyone collected their things and went home.  He just slumped in his chair from tiredness.  “Good work,” Gomer said. “I’ve never seen tighter directing.”

“Thanks man,” Steven said. “I think this one might be an Oscar winner.”

“You say that about every movie dude,” Gomer said and laughed as he walked out.

“I know,” Steven said and laughed as well, “but I mean it this time.”

“Yea, you always say that too,” Gomer yelled from the distance.

Steven started laughing loudly and almost fell out of his chair.  “Steven, what’s so funny?” Lois asked.     He looked at her very seriously, “oh you wouldn’t understand,” he said.

She pulled out the cookies from the oven and the yummy chocolate chip smell filled the room.   Wow, he thought to himself, they really are magic cookies no matter where I am.

His mom picked him up after a long stay with grandma, went home and thought of other adventures he might experience with the next batch of the magic cookie.


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