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on December 15, 2011


Oh French Fry, you poor little guy.

What it must be like to be crisp and dry.

You started from scratch; picked from potato patch.

Then thrown in a bin and stripped of yer skin.

Your naked body cut, into pieces separate.

Then thrown into a pot; WOO that grease is hot.

There you lay to rest; taken out for the final test.

Finally you are done; now you are eaten for fun.

But isn’t he cute?

In his golden yellow suit.

How I love to save this fry; he’s the cutest little guy.

I think I’ll marry him and name him Jim.





My spoon goes stir and loopity loop.

I’m mixin and fixin some ice cream soup.

Vanilla and chocolate, the flavors swirl.

Try it, it’s fun, give it a whirl.

Zoup of soup, ice cream fun.

If I could, I’d eat a ton.

My tummy would ach and I might scream.

But, I’d be ok if you’d add whip cream.

Oh no, I’m getting kinda weary.

You gotta save me by adding a cherry.

The sound I love, it crinkles and crinkles.

Only if you add some sprinkles.

I’d stir and stir and chew and chew.

You might say it’s a scrumptious witches brew.

Lions and Tigers would loopty loup.

In my stupendous ice cream soup.




If I were Spam, I’d run as fast as I can.

From the man with the fork and knife.





The fishes wishes they could whistle a tune.

The fishes wishes they could eat with a spoon.

The fishes wishes they could dance.

The fishes wishes they could wear pants.

The fishes wishes they could read a book.

The fishes wishes they knew how to cook.

The fishes wishes they could watch some TV.

The fishes wishes enough for you and me.

The fishes wishes all day and night.

The fishes wishes to the left and to the right.

The fishes wishes you would be their friend.

To the fishes wishes, there is no end.





“Found a peanut, found a peanut, found a peanut right now.”

“Hey I want half of that.”

“No, I found it.”

“And now I want half.”

“Don’t make me laugh.”

“Gimme, gimme, gimme.”

“Um, ok, here’s the shell.”





I have a funny feeling in my tummy.

Maybe it was something I ate.

I tried to burp it up, but couldn’t, so it’s not gas.

I tried to drowned it in a mess of ice cream; but that just brought a tummy ache.

I drank a lot of water; but all that brought was crossed legs and funny dancing.

It just wouldn’t go away; no matter what I did.

Well, I went to the hospital and saw more doctors than hair on my head.

Pinch, poke, breathe in, breathe out, say ahhhh, and la la la.

One test after another, I felt like I was in school.

It finally came to the final decision, the x-ray.

When they x-rayed me what they found was laughter.

I giggled, it went away and I felt better.





I like Fish, I like soup.

I would like some fishy soup.

Some green and purple gobbly goup.

I would like some fishy soup.





I like this hat, but that hat’s to fat.

It keeps falling off my head.

I like this wig, but the wig’s to big.

It keeps covering up my eyes.

Well, I’m glad my head has it’s own hair and the hair is staying there.

Right where it should be.





What is a Snee?

A Snee is me.

I can fit through a key hole.

I can swim in your cereal bowl.

I am blue and white and green all around.

I can jump up and down and not make a sound.

A Snee is a wonderful thing to be.

On bended knee, I’m still a Snee.

I am as small as a flea.

I feel happy and free, being a Snee.

A Snee, a Snee, a Snee.

“Bless you.”





My daddy sleeps all day on the couch.

I’m glad he does, otherwise, he’s a real grouch.





I have this zoo in a bag.

When I look inside, the animal all play tag.

I take it wherever I go.

My travel zoo in a bag.

When I shake it, the animals all zig and zag.

They are sweet to eat, even their toes on their feet.

They are my favorite treat.

My zoo in a bag can’t be beat.





Up and down, to and fro.

I am but a simple yo-yo.

You can play with me for hours.

Even when it rains or showers.

I am only one, but loads of fun.

And I can even fit in your pocket.





She comes around at night while I am asleep.

And no one ever sees her cuz she never makes a peep.

Every time I loose a tooth, I think it’s kind of funny.

Cuz, the very next day, I look under my pillow and instead of a tooth, there’s money.

Maybe if I lose all my teeth, I’ll be rich!





Let me tell you about a story of an old woman in a shoe.

No, that story’s been told, it just won’t do.

How about Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Naw, that’s a story everyone hears.

Hey, I know, Little Red Riding Hood.

Do you believe a wolf like that?  I don’t think I would.

Yes, I got it!  Hansel and Gretel.

Forget it; who wants a story with a witch and kettle.

I would love to tell you a story, I really would; but all my ideas are no good.

A story of my own, that would be right.

But sorry, I don’t have one now; so until then, goodnight.


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